Ash Princess

Hi all!

My name is Chiara and I am a bookworm.

Today I want to talk about Ash Princess by Laura Sebastian.

This, in my humble opinion is a brilliant book. It’s the sort of book when you get to the end of it that you immediately want to pick up the next one.

It was the cover that made me pick up the book. I know the old saying, don’t judge a book by its cover. And I don’t, honest I don’t. But when I see book with a shiny cover and ashes and flames on it I pick it up to see what it’s about. And trust me it was brilliant.

I couldn’t put it down, in fact I was almost late several times for work because I couldn’t stop reading. Theodosia, our principle character, was gripping from page one. You empathise with her, you feel for her. From the very first moment you want her to win. Whatever her fight is, you want her to win. She flawed and she isn’t perfect, but, in terms of realism, she is perfect.

Now let’s go to our antagonist. Again brilliant and cruel not who you would expect when you start reading the book.

There is of course a love interest. Every good book has a love interest and great books have two. I’ll let you find out for yourself which this is.

There is intrigue and emotions, passion and moral dilemmas. It’s not stereotypical and you can’t predict what the ending will be when you get there.

If I could describe the whole book in one word, I would use …


I thought long and hard about that. Nail-biting was taken by the book jacket and wonderful, brilliant and all other adjectives just seemed underwhelming.

I hope you go out and read this book I hope you enjoy it and come back and tell me what you think about it.

Once again, my name is Chiara and I am a bookworm.

See you next time…


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