Confessions of a Bookworm: Cats!

Hi all!

My name is Chiara and I’m a Bookworm.

We all love cats, don’t we?

I certainly do. I have three. They’re brilliant, most of the time. But they won’t sit together so don’t ever expect a picture of them all together. I love them to pieces and each one has a brilliant, unique personality.

Now that I’ve established how much I love all the cats that live in my house let me tell how much of a pain my cat is.

My cats is small and black with a few white hairs that if they banded together would be a spot. But they don’t. They obviously don’t know the value of team work. Her name is Obsidian. OB for short, but she also gets called Boom Boom, Obsidi-boom-boom (yes, just pronounce it how it looks), The Black Shadow, Obi Wan Kinobi, and Thing from the Black Lagoon to name just a few. She is very affectionate and owns me as much as I own her.

But back to my point, because I feel I’ve gone off on a tangent. I was lying on my bed reading today (surprise, surprise) when my cat decided to pay me a visit. I was lying on my stomach and then there was small feet walking across my bottom. Then she decided my woolly jumper was comfortable and that I needed a massage. I would like to challenge you to try and read while a cat, with sharp claws, I may add, massages your back.

It’s not easy she then decided that my neck wanted a massage as well and effectively put the kybosh on reading. Well, they will get their way. Once she’d massaged me she wailed till she got fed.

But that I suppose is love.

Cupboard love!

Me and my cat wish you goodbye!


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