Confession of a Bookworm: Missing out

Hi all!

My name’s Chiara and I’m a bookworm.

Do we miss out of things by being bookworms?

I am certain the answer is yes. We do miss out because we prefer to stick our noses in books.

Maybe the question should be am I missing out on the more social side of life because I am a bookish person?

I think once again the answer is yes.

A big group of friends from work are going out tomorrow night and they’re trying to drag me along. I don’t normally go out to clubs and they don’t normally invite me. I’ve done clubs before when I went to uni. I’ve done a few wild nights out (never as wild as most of my friends but I use my excuse ‘I’m a bookworm’). The pounding music and sweaty disgusting clubs were never my scene. A salsa bar, I quite liked that, but that is another story for another day.

I mean I like the music and I like some, but definitely not all, of the music they’ll be listening to tomorrow night. However, for me, music has always been more … educational, should I say? I have very eclectic tastes in music but it’s always been a conduit for understanding that period of time and what was important for them. Music, and through that, dance has always been a way of youth rebelling and expressing themselves. I just don’t see why our generation as to express ourselves this way.

But back to my original point because I think, once again, I’ve gone out on a total limb. Do I not like the club scene because I like books? Or do I like books because I don’t like clubs? Are the two mutually exclusive… or inclusive?

By being a bookworm am I missing out of a different way of life? A different way of viewing the world?

I think in some ways I’m scared to extend my bubble. But I also I know I’ve never enjoyed it in the past…so why would I enjoy it now?


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