Top 5 Wednesday: Reading Resolutions 2019

Hi all!

My name is Chiara and I am a bookworm.

I’m back with some Top 5 Wednesdays. It is a group created by Lainey and currently hosted by Samantha.

This week’s Top 5 is Reading Resolutions. I sort of did this yesterday when I announced my Reading Challenge post. But I really should do some resolutions.

Generally, I’m not one for New Years Resolutions. I don’t think that a new year necessarily means that you change but I do think that I need to set some aims for my blog. Stuff I would like to achieve this year.

The first being…

Number 1: Read 52 books this year. If you want to find out more about what I said on that post read it here.

Number 2: Once a month one of those books will be a reread. I’ll give you the options on what book series I will reread when I decide what the options should be.

Number 3: At some point I want to expand my Confessions of a Bookworm. I don’t know how that will be or what that will include but that is a very vague aim.

And … I think… that may be …it.

I know that’s only three verses the 5 that was promised in the title but apart from specific books I want to read and books I will buy when they come out I (and those lists could go on and on) I don’t think I really have a thing more to say on the matter.

This was probably not at all what you expected when you opened this but this is me. I am hardly ever…expected.

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