Confessions of a Bookworm: Absences

Hi all!

My name is Chiara and I am a Bookworm.

So once again I’ve been a bit AWOL. It was unintentional but I’ve not been doing a huge amount of reading the past month because I’ve been sorting out my room.

A new year. Lots of spring cleaning, even though it isn’t spring yet. My mother is trying to get the house into some semblance of organisation. That kind of started with me tidying and reorganising the books in my room.

My bed is made of bookshelves.

Yes. I did say bookshelves.

It’s messy so forgive me.

You can’t see any of the books, they’re at the other end of the bed.

I was trying to make a point here. What was it?

Oh yes!

My bed is made of bookshelves and they had got completely disorganised so I pulled out all my books, wrote down what I had got (there is over 300 in total) and piled them up on the landing out of the way.

I transferred all my notes to a spread sheet which was categorised by author and then by series and put in order within that series.

Then came the monumental task of putting them all back …in alphabetical order.

Between all this as well my parents decided that the dining room/front room/office needed to be turned into a library.

(Yes, that’s right! I now get to say I have a library in my house!)

Not it not as grand as Belle’s. It is just bookshelves along one wall. All of which are already full. But when everything in there is finished it will be a great place to curl up with a good book and relax. I’m already picking out what comfy wing-backed chairs I’m going to put in there.

So this is all a very long winded way of me saying that I haven’t made time to read. Currently I’m three-quarters of the way through the Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas. Which I am loving.

My dad saw it lying around the house the other day and said he wanted to read it, which is rare for him. Generally we don’t like the same books. I think with the exception of Harry Potter we have never read the same books. But if he reads this and likes it I’ll let you know what he thinks.

I hope to have a review on Throne of Glass ASAP.

But this was also to recommit myself to confessing my Bookworm “crimes”.

Hopefully now I have organised bookshelves I also want do a new book meme. I don’t know whether anyone has ever done this before but I want to call it “Bookshelves of a Bookworm”. I know there is down the TBR rabbit hole. But I want to go through my own shelves and see what I’ve got on there, how much I’ve read and what I want to read next and what I want to reread.

So this has been a very long post today. I hope you all have a good read … of my blog and your books.

Once again, my name is Chiara and I am a Bookworm.


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