Top 10 Tuesday: Books From My Favourite Genre

Hi all my wonderful Bookworms,

My name is Chiara and, if you didn’t know already, I am a Bookworm.

Before I went on my break … a sabbatical, you might call it, I started doing Top 10 Tuesday. I find some of these posts rather long but I am determined to carry on with them.

This week’s topic is books from my favourite genre. I always thought my favourite genre was fantasy, but after this I might reconsider.

Number 10 & 9: The Ash Princess and Everless

Both of these books were absolutely amazing and they were my first reviews on Bookworms Anonymous. I have book of both their series waiting very patiently to be read.

Number 8: Pride Prejudice and Zombies

Pride Prejudice and Zombies has definitely got to be on my list of best fantasy books. I am not 100% convinced that, as the suthor says in the front of the book, that this story needed telling but I am glad that it has been becuase in that way I get to sneak Pride and Prejudice into this list. Now that book goes as number 1 in almost any list ever.

Number 7: Mortal Instruments Series

I do love these books and at some point really should get round to re-reading them and reading the last few books. City of Glass has got to be one of few film adaptations that I deem alright. The writer has managed to capture the comedy of Clare’s writing style and as much as possible they keep to the story. There are deviations but no adaptation is perfect.

Number 6: Throne of Glass series

I am not done with this series yet but is fast climbing any list that I make. One big reason is that my dad is reading it slightly ahead of me and loving it so much.

Number 5: Women of the Otherworld series

One of my favourite series is The Women of the Otherworld by Kelley Armstrong. She is also one of my favourite authors as well. It was my go-to fantasy challenge read before Discovery of Witches and that series. And the best thing is it connects into the young adults/children’s series that I grew up with. I sort of progressed from the children’s series and progressed to the adults as I grew even though the adult one is older.

Number 4: Lord of the Rings

What is there really to say about Lord of the Rings? It is one of the best series ever and Tolkien was just fabulous. I really want to see that new film about Tolkien’s life! It looks amazing.

Number 3 Discovery of Witches

Discovery of Witches is wonderful. I think by now you have grasped just how wonderful I think this series is even though I haven’t finished it yet. I will have to read the final one sometime though I know I will have a book-hangover after it. Why does Deborah Harkness give me such awful book-hangovers?

Number 2: Percy Jackson

Okay, so here I’ve put Percy Jackson because I can’t decide which of Rick Riordan’s books I love the most. I mean if I could fill this entire list with Riordan’s creations, though which would be number 1 I have no idea. It is just impossible. I love the comedy of the Magnus Chase series, so much so that when I used to listen to it on audio-book while I was out walking in Paris I used to try so hard not to laugh out loud as I’m walking. The looks I used to get. You can imagine.

But the I love anything that involved Percy and/or Annabeth. Aren’t they just one of the bast couples ever.

And then there’s the Kane’s. I love how somehow it fits so easily into the real world that you can just see it really happening.

Number 1: Harry Potter

I think I am just one of those people who has to put Harry Potter at number 1 on any list. It is my favourite series and it is also the first ever series that got me into reading. So far I have read The Philosopher’s stone in French and Spanish as well, and I think I have attempted it in Italian as well. It’s my go to book for foreign language practice.

And I just love to listen to Stephen Fry reading it. That is exactly what an audio book should be. Any aspiring audiobook narrators should try to emulate Stephen Fry.

Phew! This took a while to write but I do believe it is me over and done for today. I will straight on with the next one for next week. I think next week’s challenge is Unpopular Bookish Opinions. I have no idea what I’m going to write for that.

If you want more information about Top 10 Tuesdays click HERE.

Once again, my name is Chiara and I am a Bookworm!


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