Confessions of a Bookworm: 500 words

Hi all!

My name is Chiara and I am a bookworm.

So, if any of don’t know this already, I live in the UK, and each spring and summer for the past nine years BBC radio 2 runs a competition called 500 words and last ready was the final.

BBC radio 2 took over Windsor castle for the morning and along with the creator, Chris Evans, patron, the Duchess of Cornwall and other celebrities and guest stars read, and announced the winners and runners up of this years competition.

I have never really listened to this before. I was never young enough to enter and never had the chance to listen to it. But Friday I did.

Friday morning my dad and I went out for breakfast and then we went shopping for some stuff I needed for dinner that night. Between briefest and shopping we got stuck in traffic and we had radio 2 on. I don’t think I ever been happier to be sat in slow moving traffic. I loved every moment listening to those stories.

My favourite was the Silver place for the 10 -13 category, called Tyrannos-oral hygiene.

All these stories I listened to could have bee children’s books that I would happily buy for my little cousin. She would love all of them.

Find the podcast of the programme here, or to see the events, reading and performances as they happened on the day click here.

Cover image taken from the BBC. No copyright infringement intended.

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