The Billionaire’s Dance Review!

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So new book for you today. The Billionaire’s Dance (Billionaire Bachelors Book Two) Melody Anne

Joseph Anderson has decided it is time his three successful sons find brides. Joseph wants grandchildren to fill his huge mansion, and he wants them immediately. He was successful in his eldest son’s match, and in this book his scheming brings Alex and Jessica together. 

Alex is a confirmed Bachelor who loves to travel all around the globe and romance as many women as possible. That is until he meets Jessica Sanders. One night with her and he is changing his views of bachelorhood and starting to think that married life is the new way for him. 

Jessica comes from a wealthy family, and has had one too many good looking men take advantage of her family’s money. When she meets confirmed bachelor and known playboy Alex Anderson, she is distrustful of his flirting, and tries to avoid him at all costs. That is until they end up trapped in an elevator, and her fear of the dark, tight space is greater than her fear of the man she is trapped with. 

Alex comforts her by making steamy love in the elevator, and when she runs away once they are free, he walks away wanting more. One year later he finds out he is a father, and he makes sure Jessica has no other choice than to let him do the honorable thing. They have passion, romance, love and family to help guide them through the chaos. 

Two weeks ago I reviewed The first book in the series. I love this author and the series, but this is my least favourite of her stuff.

It’s not a bad story by no means, it lacks a bit of climax and anticipation, but it’s not a bad story.

I love Jessica. I think she is such a strong character and to stand up to Alex like she does can’t be easy. But on the other hand Alex makes the sweetest, and cutest father EVER! And as always I love Joseph.

I don’t know what it is about this book. I have re-read Melody Anne’s collection so many times I’ve lost count but if can find a way to avoid re-reading this book, I will. I think it is missing the ‘it’ factor.

Honestly I would recommend reading this, just because it was part of the series, but if I could miss it out, I would.


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