Top 5 Wednesday: Actress Portryals

Hi all!

My name is Chiara and I am a Bookworm.

How is everyone doing?

It’s not long now until the Samantha’s Hiatus is over and in fact I have quite enjoyed choosing my own topics the past couple of months.

This wee’k topic is top actor/actress portrayals.

Yes, I know the title only says actress, that is because I decided to do two posts … one for the males … one for the females.

The reason behind this is because I started writing a short list of actors and actresses a few weeks ago … and I ended up with lots of males that I didn’t want to choose between so I decided to do two lists. That decision has been the bane of my life since.

Once I had set my males to one side and started writing out my females I found it really difficult to list off brilliant portrayals by actresses.

Don’t get me wrong their are a lot of amazing actresses out there … but I wanted the ones that when you leave the cinema and you’re breaking down the film, what you loved, what you liked, what you hated, what you wish they had done differently, favourite actors, actresses, they’re going to be the only thing you want to talk about, or for months, or even years, after you remember that actor’s/actress’s portrayal, and remember just how incredible it was.

(I feel like I’m being very hyperbolic today.)

Finally I went and sat in front of the shelves containing all our DVDs at the top of the stairs and sat their until inspiration hit me. Then I started writing out names. And I wrote out so many names I filled a page in my note book.

Then I stared at them for a while.

Still I couldn’t come up with a five that felt right.

I picked my dad’s brains, my mum’s … even my little brother tried to contribute and finally I came up with the best list I could.

But first (I know you thought you we’re finally at the list) I want to leave you with some honourable mentions … actresses who are amazing but I did’t put them on the list … for many different reasons, including … I hadn’t read the book, I didn’t think the film/character was true to the book etcetera etcetera etcetera.

Dame Maggie Smith

Ruby Barnhill

Gemma Arterton

Marie Williams

Michelle Yeoh

Emily Dechanel

Jennifer Lawrence

Now … the final list …

5. Judy Dench (For her role as M in James Bond)

4. Julie Walters (For her role as Mrs Weasley in Harry Potter (all of them))

3. Mara Wilson (For her role as Matilda in Matilda)

2. Julie Andrews (For her role as Mary Poppins in Mary Poppins)

1. Evanna Lynch (For her role as Luna Lovegood in Harry Potter)

Now you’ve got to go and read the actors T5W. Have fun!


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