Bookshelves of a Bookworm: Letter D

Hi all my outstanding ladies and gentle-worms

Are you ready for another fabulous week?

My name is Chiara and I am a bookworm.

Do you all realise it is just 16 days till Christmas?

So this Monday following on from my new version of Bookshelves of a Bookworm that I did last week I am going to pull three books from my bookshelves, all by authors whose surnames begin with the letter D. The only other criteria I have is that I must have read it and loved it.

You are more than welcome to join in, bookworms. Leave links to you letter D books below and I’ll check them out.

Book 1: Bared to You by Sylvia Day

Published: 3rd April 2012

Publisher: Turtleback books

Version: Hardback

Pages: 338

Genre: Romance, Contemporary, Erotica


Opinions? I love this series. It’s a very 18+ sort of book but it has great story telling. Part of me wants to compare it to 50 shades but more twisted, but I can’t because the writing is so much better than that. You really feel for the characters. They’ve been through so much in life that they just want love to be easy. But you know love, it’s never easy.

Read again? Yes.

Recommend? This is an adult book. I do recommend it but think about what will be in it before you pick it up. There are trigger warnings with this book. I would not say that it is for everyone.

Book 2: The Duchess Deal by Tessa Dare

Published: 22nd Aug 2017

Publisher: Avon

Version: eBook

Pages: 389

Genre: Romance, Historical Romance, Adult


Opinions? I think that this is a very sweet love story that should be very popular. The Duke does absolutely everything wrong and still ends up with true love, but then again the men in these stories usually do, don’t they? I will do a full review in the coming weeks.

Read again? YES. Right before I read the second and third story in the series.

Recommend? Yes, this is a great story to read. Again, maybe it is best saved for 18+ as there is some sexy time in it, but it is not nearly as heavy or trigger-y as Bared To You.

Book 3: I Wish You all the Best by Mason Deaver.

Published: May 14th 2019

Publisher: Push

Version: Hardcover

Pages: 329

Genre: YA, LGBT, Contemporary, Romance


Opinions? Absolutely amazing story whose praises I can’t sing louder. Love Mason Deaver’s work and I can’t wait for more stuff from them.

Read again? Yes, in a heartbeat. Of all three books today I would probably read this one more than any of the others.

Recommend? To everyone. Everyone should eat this book.

Find my review here.

I hope you enjoyed these books on today’s bookshelves of a bookworm. Do you have any letter D recommendations?

Remember you are more than welcome to have a go. Just remember to tag me back.


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