Review | P.S. I Still Love You by Jenny Han

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Today I am going to review for you today P.S. I Still Love You by Jenny Han

This book is the second book in the To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before series and it is also the first time I am officially using CAWPILE in one of my reviews. If you don’t know what CAWPILE is then I recommend that you check out Book Roasts video here where she explains what it is and how to use it. However my very brief explanation is that CAWPILE is a star scoring technique where you break the aspects of the book into different categories: Characters, Atmosphere, Writing, Plot, Intrigue, Logic, and Ejoyment. You give each category a score out of ten and then the fantastic spreadsheet that Book Roast has created for us give you an average and works out what that average means in terms of stars. She explains all this a lot better in her video.

I’m not going to break down what scores I gave each category in this review but please leave a comment letting me know if you want me to break them down or not.

Publisher: Scholastic Children’s books

Date Published: 26th May 2015

Format: Paperback

Page Number: 337

Genre: YA, Romance, Contemporary

Rating: ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

So it’s been about two weeks now since I finished the book and I’m now glad I did my CAWPILE straight away because it is reminding me where I had problems with the book.

I liked the story, I thought it was a great story when I got to the end but I was almost half way through the book when John Ambrose McLaren, the boy I thought the book was meant to be all about turned up. The first half of the book is Lara-Jean getting back together with Peter and the big incident with the hot-tub video and it was great reading and all, but I don’t feel like it need that much of the book before we go to any of the juicy part. John Ambrose needed to be added to the story a bit earlier in my opinion.

Once John Ambrose was there the suspense of will they/ won’t they was brilliant. I was almost convinced at one moment that the book was going to end with the two of them but alas.

As with the first story I thought the characters were really well developed and I even felt sorry for the antagonist (Gen) which is some brilliant writing.

My favourite character is Stormy. She is fantastic. I’d love to have a Stormy in my life. he had such stories to tell and such a vibrant personality and such a different way to looking at love and relationship than we do now. I almost wish I could look at life they way she does.

Overall I would recommend you read this book, and preferably (if you haven’t watched it yet) before you watch the film.

If you’ve read it let me know in the comments whether you agree. Also leave and book recommendations for me there as well. I’ll try to check them all out!

Until next time!


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