Bookworm in Paris #6

Bonjour à tous!

How are all my bookworms?

Another week in Paris is over and done and I’m writing this on Sunday evening curled up in bed in my rapidly warming apartment.

I’ve had another quiet week mostly.

Tuesday was Mardi Gras and I had every intention of going the young adults group that I go to every Tuesday night but my au pair mother told me on Monday night that they were going out to the theatre with some friends so that put the kibosh on that. They had been planning a put luck sort of dinner that night but instead I was treated to cooking crepes for some eager pre-teens and teenagers. We had fun. I’ve never cooked crepes before, or even attempted pancakes but I was quickly deemed to be a master be the kids. But after all the fun I quickly had them all into bed and settled down for a relatively early night on a night for baby sitting.

Wednesday I spent all afternoon with the kids with the plan of the two girl, their cousin and I all going to the opera that night. I’ve never seen an opera before and I have to admit I was quite excited to see my first opera though that waned slightly when I found out that the opera was five acts long and would last nearly four hours including the intervals. ‘Technical problems’ the message said but one of the girls said that one of the singers had probably lost their voice. It has been re-arranged for latter this month.

Thursday and Friday I got a lot of writing done which means that I have the entirety of this week planned for at least one post everyday.

Saturday I went to look at a university open day for one of the many local universities. It was a language, literature and civilisation course specialising in Asian coulures and you old chose from a choice of four languages. Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese. I was quite interested in the Korean course and I sat through the presentation and it made me want to take the course even more. Afterwards I talked to the professor and asked a few question and decided that no matter how much I like the course, currently my level of french isn’t good enough to get through the course and that twelve days is not enough to put together a good enough application to get into the university. There are other reasons as well but the long and the short of it is that I am not applying to university for this autumn but I will for the following autumn.

Sunday has been really rainy. But it did’t start until about five minutes before I was due to leave. I thought it would last ten minutes and petter out and I would be fine for the rest of the afternoon. But it didn’t. It got worse and worse and worse. By the time I got to church I was soaked through to the skin. Literally, my pants top and underwear were soaked. I was glad to get home and get into my pyjamas.

This, as I said has been a quite week. I’ll try to make this week so much more interesting.

So, until next time.


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