Review: The Earl and the Enchantress by Paullett Golden

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It hardly feel like April is over already.  March dragged, but April flew by.  Does that mean that we are getting used to Lockdown?

Today I am reviewing a book that I read a few weeks a go.  I found this book because of Alana @ Dream Come Review when I read her review of the latest book in the Enchantress series,  The Colonel and the Enchantress.  Thanks for the recommendation, Alana.

Title: The Earl and the Enchantress 42382555._SY475_

Author: Paullett Golden

Publisher: self published

Date published: 1st November 2018

Format: e-book

Pages: 470

Genre: Romance, Historical,

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐

Blurb: Not all scars can be healed with a kiss.

Sebastian Lancaster, Earl of Roddam, harbours a family secret so dark he has forsaken marriage to hide the past. When fate introduces him to Lizbeth, he believes he has met his perfect match—a woman with whom he can share passion without commitment.

Lizbeth Trethow risks everything to follow her heart until Sebastian’s past returns to haunt them. Desperate to hide the blood on his hands, he sabotages their happiness. Everything depends on Lizbeth unravelling the truth and turning this villain into a hero.

This is the love story of Lizbeth and Sebastian as they battle metaphoric ghosts born of murder and enlightenment to be together.

I enjoyed this book but it took me a little effort to get through it.  It’s been a few weeks since I read the book now, but the story follows Lizbeth, a young girl who is trying to determined to be come a spinster or a lady’s maid, and Sebastian, a determined bachelor.  Neither is looking for love but when they meet in the library trying to avoid the party, sparks fly straight away.

I loved the progression of the story.  Both characters meet at chance and deliberate social occasions and their friendship progresses until the end of the season in London.  Lizbeth’s sister, Charlotte, leaves with her new husband, the Duke of Annick and Sebastian’s cousin and Lizbeth returns to Cornwall.  To her home, and her wild seas.  And she and Sebastian keep in contact, writing letters back and to.

The story is predictable up until a point.  After those last 200 pages are the worst for me.  I love the progression and the twist to the story.  The delve into Sebastian’s darkness but I don’t like the ending to the book.

I don’t want to say too much and give away any spoilers, but the ending was all exciting.  So much happened in those last fifty pages, and then it was over.  Done.  It wasn’t a cliff hanger in that I was left wanting more,  it was just done.  I got the impression that Golden tried to bring it to a smooth finish but it wasn’t there.

I am still eager to read the next book, The Duke and the Enchantress, because as a whole I enjoyed the book.  The characters were well written and I love their development of the book.

The world building in the book was beautiful as well.  I really want to visit Sebastian’s castle despite it’s semi-finished state.  Especially his library.

There is a lot talk about book in this story and you could form a brilliant TBR from this book all the stories that are mentioned.

Overall, I recommend this book.  It was a great pallet cleanser and good for a quick read.  I hope that you all enjoy this book and please let me know what you think.

Stay home.  Stay safe.

And, until next time, happy reading!


3 thoughts on “Review: The Earl and the Enchantress by Paullett Golden”

  1. I’m so excited you picked this one up! This definitely isn’t my favorite and it has hallmarks of a debut indie novel with some pacing issues. I loved the 2nd (Duke and Enchantress) and 3rd (The Baron and the Enchantress) ones the most! I hope you get a chance to read Drake’s book soon!

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