A bookworms NOT in Paris: Book-Hangover, Local Beauty and Photography

Hi all my Bookworms!

How are you all?

My name is Chiara and I am a Bookworm.

Monday again.

Another week been and gone.

Last week I got some really great responses from doing this, even though it  felt like I had done nothing all week.  I had a really bad week last week.

I had basically lost all motivation.

This week has been a lot of ups and downs.  The last weekend, after I had wrote that post perked up a bit.  I got a lot of reading done, including reading Geekerella and finally finishing Gravity of Us.  It took a little to finish that book, despite loving the story, the way the author had wrote some of the characters, I didn’t love and I think I’ve shown that in my review which will be out next Thursday.

After finishing both of those, I went on to read Catalyst.  To say I didn’t like the story is a bit of an understatement, that I won’t go into here, and I don’t think I have ever tried so hard to finish a book before.

We talked about books I’ve abandoned last week in my Top Ten Tuesday post and generally if I’m not enjoying a book, I leave it.  But because this was for a blogtour I wanted to finish it.

It left me with a bit of a book-hangover.  Can you get book-hangovers from bad books?  Apparently I can, because I did.  Nothing on my shelf felt appealing, I stared and stared at it for ages waiting for a book that wanted to read to jump out at me.  I did the same with my kindle app on my iPad.  Staring.  Just staring.  I did the same with my Amazon wish list and I scrolled through twitter and my WordPress reader.  Nothing.

Until a book took my fancy.  I read it in one afternoon and then the same again.  Nothing takes my fancy.  I think I may have found another book to read, but maybe not.  We’ll see how far I’ll get with it.

Do any of my other bookworms ever have the same problem?  Where nothing appeals?  I can’t seem to break this hangover.

I may be in need of a bookish splurge.  Buy a few books from Waterstones.  That might get me in a better reading mood again.

I was hoping to wait till June before I did any major book buying because I had a few books gifted to me this month, but if needs must.

My papa always insists that I have more books that we have space for but I actually have a few empty spaces on my bookshelves that want filling.

So apart from all that, what have I been doing?

I’ve been doing more sudokus, curtesy of Cracking The Cryptic on YouTube.  I actually managed to solve one of their video solves on my own this week, before I watched the video.  This puzzle was so beautiful.  Any sudoku/puzzle fans among my bookworms really should check this out.  Here’s the link.

I’ve been going out for a few walks in my local wooded areas and I actually have been taking some amazing photos.  It’s been a while since I have done anything with a camera but I may have to get my digital SLR this week and get it all set up and working again.  These are some that I just took with my phone the other day.

I enjoy taking landscapes and particularly landscapes with paths in them.  The photos make me think of possibilities and journeys and going somewhere new.  Being adventurous.  A psychologist could probably have a field day with that, but I won’t go there.

While out of this walk with my mum we were talking about how beautiful our local area is and that we don’t appreciate it enough.

We came to a conclusion, something along the lines of, if we were on holiday here we would be talking constantly about its natural beauty and how there are such amazing places to walk.

My little bit of exercise might just be strolling through the trees, bit I enjoy it a lot more than going for a run or riding my bike.

I hope that you are all keeping well, and safe.

I hope you’re at home with you family.

I hope you are reading.

Until next time …


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