A Bookworm NOT in Paris: Cookies, Kissing Booth and Mental Health

Hi all my Bookworms!

My name is Chiara and I am a Bookworm

How are you all?

I’ve enjoyed writing my Bookworm NOT in Paris posts recently. Some one compared them to Peeps’ diary for Covid. I quite like that analogy, despite them not starting out like that.

My mental health has been up and down recently … I have good days and bad and for the first time in a long time this week I had a panic attack. It feels like a huge step-back in terms of managing my anxiety disorder but I’m not too bothered by that. The panic attack showed me where I have a problem and now I just need to work out how to face that. If I know where the problem is, I can deal, not knowing where the problem is … that is where it gets difficult.

I’ve also realised that I am scared to go outside. I’m scared of going out alone. All these weeks in lockdown I have never gone out of the house alone. There is always someone with me, my mum or my dad. And now I think I need to work on being able to deal with the world on my own.

Does anyone else feel like that? I do hope I’m not alone in this?

I’ve not been reading as much this week, though I did manage to get my two books finished this week, I know I could have read more if I’d put more time into it. Instead I’ve been filling my time with cooking and baking. My mum and I made a huge batch of cookie dough the other day and froze most of it to make more cookies at a later time. We also made a really nice chicken, spinach and feta pie the other day. So nice!

How have been spending the rest of my time when I’ve not been reading or cooking?

I’ve been playing Lego Star Wars on the xbox. I decided now was the perfect time to try and actually complete the game. Get 100% of it done. Were just over 50% at the moment and it’s great fun!

So far (touch wood) we’ve had no major arguments over the game.

I’ve been trying to be more active on Instagram and even post more book images on there. My Instagram should be linked in the top left hand corner if you want to check it out.

And on exciting news, my Kissing Booth 2 review that I posted back in January has been getting loads of view, especially with the announcement on Friday on the release date for the film.

It drops on Netflix on the 24th July.

I can’t wait to watch it. I really hope that the film is better than the book.

And I do believe that that is me done for today. I don’t think I have anymore news for you today. I hope you check out my review of Kissing Booth 2, if you haven’t already, and let me know down in the comments if you are excited for the film.


2 thoughts on “A Bookworm NOT in Paris: Cookies, Kissing Booth and Mental Health”

  1. Hi Chiara, I hope you feel better soon. I’ve been all over the place myself during this lockdown too. Even I haven’t stepped out alone so you’re definitely not alone 🤗 Sending love 🥰

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