A Bookworm NOT in Paris: Father Day and Work

Hi all my bookworms!

My name is Chiara and I am a Bookworm

How are you all?

This is probably going up a lot later than I planned today. Mostly because I don’t know what to write.

So I am warning you now. This may be a lot of rambling. But hopefully I will get to a point … eventually.

Let’s start with father’s day. What did you do for father’s day?

Normally we would have a full day. We’d go out for the day, do something my dad would really enjoy like ride a steam train or the like and then go out for a big meal in the evening. Treat him well, even though through all that he would be doing the driving. (no one else drives, but that is another story) Instead we just went out for a drive.

We got lunch at McDonalds, which took a really long time. I have every respect for McDonalds workers. I’ve been working at McDonalds for four years and I’ve put up with everything. People shouting at me, kids abusing staff, even them smashing the windows in. I’ve not gone back to work get. I’m not sure I can cope with the standing in little boxes and the mask. It makes me feel all very claustrophobic and sets my anxiety off. And I’m not ready to go back. My boss is being brilliant about it. She’s not rushing anyone eot go back to work.

But back to the point (I told you I was going to ramble). We went to McDonalds we were in the queue for ages, so my advice at this point is if you are really craving those mozzarella dippers, go away from ‘normal’ meal times, you might get through faster.

Once we had our food we went to a little nature park and we sat and ate, then we went for a drive and ended up looking at cars.

My dad has been wanting a new car for, well if we’re honest at least a year but we needed certain things in place before he could seriously start looking.

Which he is now doing.

He’d seen a car online that he wanted to look at and he ended up going for a test drive leaving me and my brother in the car. And oh my gosh, it was really hot sat in the car.

But my dad has his heart set on that car and he had a good father’s day.

He is in fact going back right now as I am writing this to have a second look at the car.

What else have I done recently? It’s been a while since I actually did one of these properly.

I’ve done so much, and so little all at the same time.

A lot of xboxing, a lot of trying to read, a lot of marathoning of various tv shows. Greys, Chuck, Winx Club, and a few others.

But I don’t honestly what else I can tell you at the moment.

I think I’m going to leave it for today.

Until next time, happy reading.


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