Mini Reviews: Audible Originals: Call Me Maybe, The Set Up and The Bridesmates

Hi all!

My name is Chiara and I am a Bookworm.

How are you all? I hope you are all well today as I bring you three different books to review today. They will be short, mini reviews but they are all audible originals. In fact these were my first audible originals and I can’t recommend them enough.

Call Me Maybe by Cara Bastone

Narrated by: Luci Christian and Neil Hellegras

Publisher: Audible Originals

Date Published: 20th October 2020

Format: Audiobook

Listening Length: 5hrs 55mins

Genre: Romance, Contemporary, Chick Lit, Humour, RomCom

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


True love is on the line in this charming, laugh-out-loud rom-com—created specifically for the audio format!

Paint your toes. Pick up the wrong coffee and bagel order. Drive from Brooklyn to Jersey in traffic so slow you want to tear your hair out. It’s amazing all the useless things I can accomplish while on hold for three hours with customer service. Three hours when I should be getting the Date-in-a-Box website ready to launch at the big business expo in a few days. Except my shiny new website is glitching, and my inner rage-monster is ready to scorch some earth… when he finally picks up. Not the robot voice I expected but a real live human named Cal. He’s surprisingly helpful and really knows his stuff, even if he’s a little awkward…. in an adorable way.

And suddenly I’m flirting with him? And I think he’s flirting back.
And suddenly it’s been hours, and we’re still on the phone talking and ordering each other takeout while he trouble shoots my website.
And suddenly we’re exchanging numbers and sending texts and DMs every day, leaving voice mails (who even does that anymore?!).
And suddenly I’m wondering if it’s possible for two people fall in love at first talk.

Because I’m falling… hard.


Vera Hoffman has just days to make sure her website for her new Date-in-a-Box business launches. When the darn thing glitches, she calls her IT company and connects with Cal Kantola. An intense week of phone calls, DMs, voice messages, and texts ensue, and in between troubleshooting, these two start to develop feelings. But will their systems be compatible when they actually meet face-to-face?

My Thoughts

I fell in love with this book instantly! My absolute favourite thing about the book was the POVs (Point-Of-Views). It was told from two points of view by Vera and Cal, and that was all it was told by. The entire book was either internal monologues or the conversation between the two of them. Any description was told from their point of view. As two very different people they paint the world from different perspectives.

The build up between the characters was so suspenseful and it almost makes me believe in fate. You’ll know what I mean if, and when, hopefully, you read this book.

The Set Up by Falguni Kothari

Narrated by Soneela Nankani and Vikas Adams

Publisher: Audible Original

Date Published: 11th February 2021

Format: Audiobook

Listening Length: 1hr 54mins

Genre: Romance, Contemporary, Chick Lit, Novella

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐


A perfect disaster – or a perfect match? Find out in this heartfelt rom-com novella….

“Just three dates. That’s all I’m asking. One boy shares your sense of humor. Another has similar interests and ideals. The third boy has a helpful heart like yours.”

When Aditi Gupta comes home late from work as a pediatric resident one night and her grandfather offers this pitch, she reluctantly agrees. She’s far too busy with med school to be dating, and besides, she dreams of a love for the ages, like her parents, not an arranged marriage. And yet she finds herself agreeing to three dates because she loves her grandfather. All she has to do is make herself utterly ineligible and problem solved!

And sure enough her first date with the disgustingly handsome and intriguing Krishna Lal goes exactly as planned: not well! But then the second date comes around and Aditi finds that there is more at stake than just three bad dates. Suddenly, her heart is on the line, and maybe her grandfather’s, too.

My Thoughts

What wouldn’t you do for your grand father who is the most like you? Who inspires you? Who understands you? I know there isn’t much I wouldn’t do for my granddad. And Aditi is willing to go on three arranged dates for her grandfather with an old friend he reconnected with online.

I love the set ups that happen and their determination to fall for the other. Krishna and Aditi make an interesting couple, and they are so opposite that they are so very similar. They have some very sweet moments between them and some hard moments and some very cunning moments and I really recommend this if you love food, dancing and sweet romance.

Bridesmates by Sydney Smith

Narrated by Teddy Hamilton

Publisher: Audible Originals

Date Published: 28th January 2021

Format: Audiobook

Listening Length: 1hr 40 mins

Genre: Romance, Contemporary, LGBTQ, Novella

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐


It’s never too late for love in this short, sweet novella – an audio-first nod to a beloved rom-com!

After getting unceremoniously dumped by his boyfriend, the last thing Cooper Evans wants is to return to his hometown of Big Rock, Montana to be in his best friend’s wedding. But he agreed to be her Bridesmate (her male maid of honor), and a promise is a promise. What he didn’t expect is to run into his high school crush, who’s out of the closet and a smoking hot cop to boot.

Will Baker is just as dreamy as he was when he broke Cooper’s heart all those years ago – and it turns out he’s in the wedding party too. Will Cooper make it through the ceremony with his heart unscathed, or will he risk it all for a second chance at love?

My Thoughts

Will and Cooper make an interesting couple. I enjoyed their story and especially the flashback and how they got to that point but I did find it a little too short for my personal tastes. I don’t think it was missing much but a few chapters more would have given the book a bit more body to it.

I also don’t recommend listening to this one out loud. Headphones are a must, or listen to it alone. There are some rather descript scenes in this one that the people around may not want to listen to.

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