Booktag Friday: Behind The Blogger Tag

Can you believe I'm actually doing a tag I've been tagged in? This one is all about me … not books. Enjoy!

Booktag Friday: Spring Cleaning Book tag

Here on Bookworms Anonymous I like to do a booktag every Friday. I usually find they're something different .. something that gets my mind thinking and working in different ways.
This week's tag is the Spring Cleaning Booktag which I found over at A Little But A Lot. I wasn't tagged in this, like usual, but I want to give it a go. I think it's a fun one.

#SixForSunday: Favourite Endings To A Series

So another week has been and gone and we are back with another #SixForSunday, or #S4S for short. I don't think I mentioned in my last post but this month is all topics based around series.

The Mystery Blogger Award

Hi all my bookworms! My name is Chiara and I am a Bookworm! How are you all? I was tagged a few weeks ago now in the mystery blogger award by Casey at Tayside Books.  It's took me a few weeks to respond to it but, here we are. Before we get into anything I… Continue reading The Mystery Blogger Award

Booktag Friday: A book For All Occasions

Hi all my bookworms! How are you all? My name is Chiara and I am a Bookworm. This Friday I am once again doing a tag that I have actually been tagged in. Yippee! I was tagged in this by Leslie over a Books Are The New Black.  Thank you!  If you want to check… Continue reading Booktag Friday: A book For All Occasions

BookTag Friday: Reading Habits

Hi all my bookworms! How are you all? My name is Chiara and I am a Bookworm. This week's tag I found over at Mitah reads.  The tag looked like such fun that I wanted to have a go.  The creator is The Book Jazz but I have been unable to find their blog/YouTube channel… Continue reading BookTag Friday: Reading Habits

Booktag Friday: I love Spring

Like always on a Friday I am doing a booktag and despite everything that is going on I am in the mood remind myself that it is spring outside my front door. That those April showers are followed by a periods where the sun is actually warm. So if you haven't guessed already, this tag is a spring tag. I found this tag on Devour Books with Dana so thanks to Dana for the great source post. I'm not sure who the creator of this tag is but if any of you know please link them in the comments or let me know and I'll edit this to add the link in.

March Round Up

Well, March was a pretty awful month. It feels like most of the world has gone into lockdown in an attempt to protect against the coronavirus and currently I'm listening to Dear Evan Hansen songs on repeat. But the month wasn't all bad. I'm home from Paris which was an emergency decision but I'm happy to be back with my family. And I hit over 1k views last month and that is all thanks to you amazing Bookworms out there who come and read and support my blog everyday and I am so grateful to you all.