Top Ten Tuesday: Books I’ve Added to My TBR and Forgotten Why

If I'm honest I'm not sure what to write for this one … but I seem to have made a list and I hope you check it out.

Hogwarts House Battles TBR

Hi all! My name is Chiara and I am a Bookworm. As I announced a couple of days ago on twitter I've decided to take part in Hogwarts House Battles Readathon this September. Tomorrow is the 1st September and I can't wait to get started. For any of you unfamiliar with this readathon it is… Continue reading Hogwarts House Battles TBR

Top 5 Wednesday: TBR Benchwarmers

Hi all my wonderful bookworms! My name is Chiara and I am a bookworm. I think you all know the drill from last month but Samantha, of thoughts on tomes, and our lovely moderator, has decided to take a hiatus in order to regain some inspiration. In the mean time she has given us all… Continue reading Top 5 Wednesday: TBR Benchwarmers