Undercover Princess by Connie Glynn

Hi all! My name is Chiara and I am Bookworm. This week's book for review is Undercover Princess by Connie Glynn. When I picked this up I had no idea what to expect. I don't think I even had time to read the blurb. I was in Waterstones, they were closing in ten minutes and… Continue reading Undercover Princess by Connie Glynn

Teaser Tuesday: Undercover Princess

Hey everyone! My name is Chiara and I am a bookworm. First of all I must say to you all, Happy New Year! And next I'm back to do Teaser Tuesday. This, for those of you who don't know is a book meme hosted by the Purple Booker. Go to the website to learn more… Continue reading Teaser Tuesday: Undercover Princess