Contact and Review Policy

To all my bookworms

I am currently accepting review requests. Please feel free to contact me by either the form below or by emailing me at I will try to email everyone who contacts me back with an answer.

Review policy:

  • When contacting me please include author, blurb and publishing date.
  • If I accept your book for review, this doesn’t mean that I will give it a good review. I am fair and honest in reviews.
  • Though I will attempt to read all books sent to me, if I am not enjoying your book I won’t finish it
  • My preference is for printed copies, though I will accept e-books
  • I try to leave a review of all my books, including the ones I don’t finish. If I review your book I will do so within three months and as close to the publishing date as possible.

My favourite genres:

  • Fantasy
  • Ya
  • Romance
  • Historical
  • Fairytales
  • Contemporary
  • Faeries
  • Heists
  • Suspense
  • Mythology

Though these are my favourites I am open to other genres.

Genres I strongly dislike include:

  • Horror
  • Psychological thrillers
  • Crime fiction

If you want to know more about my book preferences please check out my reviews.