A Bookworm NOT in Paris: Cookies, Kissing Booth and Mental Health

I've enjoyed writing my Bookworm NOT in Paris posts recently. Some one compared them to Peeps' diary for covid. I quite like that analogy … so check out this week's event in my covid diary.

A Bookworm NOT in Paris: Glee and Music

Is it Monday again? Is anyone really keeping track of what day it is anymore? It feels like day 1000000 of lockdown. Not that I'm complaining my reading life has never been better. Nothing else in my life is seems good, apart from my blog, but one thing at a time, right?

A Bookworm NOT in Paris: Library, Mud Pie and Headspace

Happy Monday everyone! Has anyone else felt that Monday's feel a lot less traumatic recently since the Lockdown. It's one advantage I suppose. You've got to find the light even when everything is so dark and dingy.

Bookworm NOT in Paris: Lockdown, Routine and MASH

I have been struggling for ideas as what to write on a Monday at the moment. During, what now seems such a short time in Paris, I was writing to you weekly on places I had been, things I'd seen, bookshops I'd been to and it hardly seems worth it while we're in lockdown. But I thought it might be useful to tell you what I am doing in order to keep cabin fever at bay during this difficult time.

A bookworm NOT in Paris

Hi all my bookworms. My name is Chiara and I am a bookworm. How are you all? I hope that you are all staying safe and well. I'm sorry for disappearing for a few days but last Thursday was the first part of the deadline for my university application and all my effort went into… Continue reading A bookworm NOT in Paris

Bookworm in Paris: Books, Picasso and Endometriosis

Hi all my bookworms! It's Monday again I hope you know what that means. Time for another wrap up from my last week in Paris. Just a reminder, but my name is Chiara and I am a Bookworm. I'm trying something different this week by not numbering my week and instead giving you a summary… Continue reading Bookworm in Paris: Books, Picasso and Endometriosis

Bookworm in Paris #6

Bonjour à tous! How are all my bookworms? Another week in Paris is over and done and I'm writing this on Sunday evening curled up in bed in my rapidly warming apartment. I've had another quiet week mostly. Tuesday was Mardi Gras and I had every intention of going the young adults group that I… Continue reading Bookworm in Paris #6