Top 5 Wednesday: Favourite Book Boyfriends

Hi all!

My name is Chiara and I am a Bookworm.

I think I have mentioned that Samantha, from thoughts on tomes, who runs Top 5 Wednesdays, has decided to take a hiatus for the summer to regain some inspiration. Sam has said in the mean time that you can browse through old topics and choose our favourites to complete. I have gone as far back as Goodreads records will allow and am picking my way through the topics and completing them.

This week the topic comes from December 4th 2013 and it is Top 5 Book Boyfriends.

I hope you enjoy

5. Peter K. To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before (Jenny Han)

Peter is sweet and kind and has just enough bad boy in him to be appealing. (Who doesn’t like a bad boy?)

4. Noah Flynn The Kissing Booth (Beth Reekles)

Again bad boy turned good, though there is a lot more bad boy in Noah. But I am sooooo looking forward to the sequel that is bein released next year! Here’s looking forward to January 2nd 2020!

3. Lucas Cortez Dime Store Magic (Kelley Armstrong)

Now Lucas is the polar opposite of Noah and Peter. He is cute and nerdy but at the same time super powerful and supports his woman. I would so like to be Paige Winterbourne.

2. Chaol Westfall Throne of Glass (Sarah J. Maas)

Chaol is a recent addition to this list (Not that I have ever put this list down on paper before … honest). Who doesn’t want a guy who wont let you beat him in battle but is expects you to train hard enough to do it and is willing to train you.

There is more to Chaol than that but I do find him very very appealing.

1. Percy Jackson Percy Jackson and the Lightening Theif (Rick Riordan)

Percy I think some how manages to be a combination of all the others. Maybe not quite the bad guy, but his fighting skills are brilliant and underwater kissing has my interest piqued.


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