Sunday quote # 18

Hi all my bookworms!

My name is Chiara and I’m a bookworm.

How is your Sunday?

I realised halfway through my shift today that today is Sunday and I haven’t given you some randomly inspirational quote.

And I haven’t seen anything that I really wanted to share with you so I thought that I would be leaving you inspiration-less as we going into the first full week of the year and then I was listening to an old 70s cd in the car that my brother and I used to listen to on the way home and I heard these lyrics and they spoke to me and I just wanted to share them with you and remind you that the bad times don’t last. They pass.

One drop of rain on your window pane 
Doesn’t mean to say there’s a thunderstorm comin’ 
Rain may pour for an hour or more 
But it doesn’t matter, you know it doesn’t matter

Storm in a Teacup, song by Lynsey de Paul


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