The Umbrella Academy: My Opinions

Hi all!

My name is Chiara and I am a bookworm, though as you read that you may not be convinced.

On this site, as almost all of my regular followers will know I talk about books but today I bring you something different.

As I am writing this it has been nine days since Umbrella Academy season 2 was released and it has taken me so long to watch it for two reasons.

1. Work

And … 2. I had to watch season 1 first.

When it comes to tv I have a habit of not watching current tv because I hate waiting between episodes and I hate waiting a whole other year for the cliff hanger that is usually the end of a season.

And let me tell you, Umbrella Academy is full to the brim with cliff hangers. It seems like every episode is just one cliff hanger after another waiting to be resolved.

I really want to talk about what I’ve been watching in the series, my favourite parts and all the deets. So this is your warning. I am going to make this as spoiler free as possible but if you haven’t watch both series yet, I forgive you and urge you to stop reading. Go get comfy in front of you tv or tablet, or wherever you watch Netflix and settle down for some amazing hours of watching.

I started watching this last Wednesday when I should have been blog writing because my dad was making his way through the final episodes of season 2 and would not shut up about how much he loved the series and I should watch it.

While working I put the first episode on but I couldn’t concentrate on it like I needed to. Does anyone else agree with me that you really have to concentrate on this stuff? It’s not background tv. This is stuff that every detail is important and if you miss one you will be questioning so much along the way. I gave up by the end of the episode working and settled into my bed to rewatch episode one.

By half past midnight I’d done it!

I’d watched the entire first season and it was a tremendous effort not to just press play on season two and keeping going through the night.

I think it’s obvious I slowed down with season 2 given I am now just writing about it, but that wasn’t because I wasn’t enjoying it any less. That was just work that narrowed my watching time.

I think my favourite thing, after the actors, the story telling, the script and set, not to mention the music, is that the show isn’t black.

I sound like my dad.

He has this thing about modern tv being a lot darker and a lot blacker than the tv he grew up with. A lot more blood and guts. A lot more explicit. A lot more doom and gloom. He just thinks it’s unnecessary.

I just think that it’s tv and film producers making what people want to watch.

But maybe I was wrong. This isn’t as dark as many programs I have watched in recent years.

There are dark moments, but they are balanced out by family love, zany characters, amazing music and moments of bright sunshine (literally and metaphorically).

It’s not something you’d fear to show your teenager, thinking it would be too dark for them to handle.

There are so many things I want to compliment from the show that I don’t know what to say next.

They have a killer cast.

Their script writer, or script writing team as the case probably is, are genius and I need to read the umbrella Academy graphic novels.

But the music!

How many shows do you know that can have a Sam Cook song and a Billy Eilish song back to back and even throw a bit of Hello by Adele translated into Swedish and it still work?

I can’t think of many … if any.

The sound track to both seasons is brilliant and I’m currently listening to ‘I Think We’re Alone Now’ by Tiffany on repeat. If you don’t know it maybe ask your parents.

I think I got through that relatively spoiler free so if you’ve got this far and still haven’t yet watched season 2, just let me tell you …

they’ve done it again!


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