Fall is in the Air Booktag

Hi all!

My name is Chiara and I am a Bookworm.

Today I felt like doing a booktag … in fact I feel like doing more booktags.

It’s October and weather has officially turned so I felt like an autumn tag was the way to go. I honestly don’t get the fascination with this season it’s wet and windy and muddy ’cause there are leaves on the floor that everyone tramples on and always, every year, like clockwork, there are leaves piled high in front of my front door. Something to do with the street and the wind vortex, etc. Autumn in the UK is not as beautiful as the ideal that everyone seems to love.

Having said all that I am doing the Fall is in the Air booktag that was created by Kasey @ bookangel and I saw this on Lauren’s site Lala’s Book Reviews.

Onto the questions …

Autumn: A book with fall colours (red, orange, yellow):

Because it was the first book I could think of with any of those colours on it…

Crown of Midnight Sarah J. Maas

Pumpkin Picking: Favourite fictional food

I think it’s the idea rather than the taste or eating of it … but I love the Chocolate frogs from Harry Potter

Lost in a Corn Maze: A book you got lost in

I suppose I should only choose one but I won’t. Instead I’ll narrow it down to Discovery of Witches or Shadow of Night Deborah Harkness

Birds Fly South: What bad book made you want to fly south

I can’t immediately think of any book that made me react that drastically … except maybe Zephyra.

Sweaters: A book that made you happy

Again this is one of those questions that makes me think that I should only choose one … except I’m not very good at that. All books make me happy … or I wouldn’t read them.

Oh…I’m going to have to make a choice aren’t I?

I suppose a book series that I love back on with the fondest memories, especially from my childhood is the Gallagher Girl series by Ally Carter.

Ghost Story: A scary/spooky book

I don’t do horror in any form. Scaring myself on purpose isn’t appetising at all. Spooky books though … can that class as fantasy?

I suppose I will go with the Vampire Diaries series by L.J. Smith. Are they spooky enough?

Black cat: Favourite fictional pet.


Demons: Favourite evil/villainous characters

Manon Blackbeak … I know I’ve not finished the Throne of Glass series yet, Manon is fast becoming one of my favourite supporting characters and lets face it … she is quite villainous

Grim Reaper: A character you want dead

I’m not sure there is a character I want dead. All characters play a role in the author’s story … there are certain characters I don’t like but none that I would tell the Grim Reaper to off.

Halloween Party: What book character would you dress up as?

Aelin no competition. Her assassin costume or any number of the fancy dresses that she wears. She likes the finer things in life.


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